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Mountains Magnetic Board

Mountains Magnetic Board

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🏔️ Do you want a mountain to appear in your little one's bedroom or playroom? The mountain-shaped magnetic whiteboard is perfect for you.

🧲 For immediate use, this castle-shaped magnetic board comes with a set of colorful geometric magnets and 8 toddler-friendly round magnets.

🖍️ You can write and draw on the board with an included liquid chalk pen. The use of colored chalk markers is not recommended, as the pigments in the inks penetrate the material.

📐 Dimensions
- Magnetic whiteboard: 118 cm x 92.5 cm.
- Top center: 60 cm x 60 cm.
- Highest peak: 55 cm x 92.5 cm.
- Center top: 48.5 cm x 75 cm.
- Plate thickness: 0.6 mm.

The kit contains
- 3 flexible magnetic whiteboards in the shape of mountain peaks.
- 2 interchangeable slates as snow peaks, to be placed on the middle and highest peaks.

- 1 set of various colored magnetic geometric shapes.
- 8 white round magnets (diameter 27 mm) suitable for small children.
- White chalk marker.

👀 The board is shipped in a rectangular cardboard tube. Inside, you will find all the accessories: whiteboard, magnetic game and magnets.

👌 The magnetic whiteboard is flexible. It is very easy to place thanks to a self-adhesive system. And it can be removed just as easily. It is fixed without holes or screws.

🧽 Before installing the magnetic whiteboard, clean the wall with a cloth to remove dust or any other dirt.

🧚‍♀️ Usage tips

It is recommended to install the magnetic board on paint that is more than 6 months old. To clean your magnetic whiteboard, use a soft cloth or slightly damp microfiber. We do not recommend using chalk as it can mark the board. Please note that we advise you to regularly erase your magnetic boards to avoid traces of markers.

Not recommended on walls with gotelé since depending on the thickness it may not adhere well to the wall.

🖐🏼 Artisan product

This product has been manufactured one by one with great care and with a very careful selection of products. No two are the same, they are unique ✨

📞 Personalized customer service

We are always willing to help you and answer questions. You have available the chat and our email We usually answer in less than 24 working hours.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Mirta Alvarez
Disfrutamos de las infinitas opciones de la pizarra magnética!

Mis hijos la aman! Fue muuuuy facil de instalar y todos los días nos da infnitas posibilidades de juegos, hasta hemos podido incorporar bloques magnéticos a las dinámicas. Realmente nos encanta!

Qué bonita reseña :D Mil ¡Muchas gracias Mirta!

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